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Can't hit the high notes?

Trouble staying on key?

Can't sing softly?

Think you're tone deaf?

Think again!  

Sing for Your Soul

Singing is not a gift given to a chosen few! Singing is for Every Body! Rediscovering your authentic, natural voice will be an exciting adventure of motion and emotion, of sound and soul, of healing and hope. Through these adventures you will gain insight, build strength and increase your inner peace.  

 --Lauren Lane Powell 

If you can laugh, You Can SING. If You Can Sing, You Can HEAL. 

This is a 4 part process designed for Every Body. 

Includes 3 bonus lessons!

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MP3 audio files. Also available on 5 disc CD.

Sing for Your Soul - by Lauren Lane Powell

When I started working with the voice in 1989 teaching private vocal lessons, my students began to report strange and wonderful benefits that they linked to singing, some, singing for the very first time. 

Too many people have been told “You’re tone deaf” and “You can’t carry a tune in a bucket”, and they believe the lies. The sounds they do make are strained, pinched, edgy, often off key, seeming to confirm their BSs (belief systems). 

On the other hand, when they learn how to breathe and how to use their CORE muscles, strong, beautiful tones are produced. Singing on key is then muscular and possible for everybody! When I taught with this knowledge and understanding more reports came in about singing and healing! 

I knew I needed to reach more people than I could through private lessons so that’s when I created my Sing For Your Soul workshop. When more and more healing was reported by “new” singers I began to study Sound Healing in depth, particularly vocal toning, and I earned a degree in Voice and Music Education from Indiana University in 1993. 

Lesson 1: Remember how to breathe the way we were born to and how to sing using the waistline muscles, the same muscles we laugh with, naturally. 

Lesson 2: Remember how to open the throat from the inside, relaxing those muscles to feel the natural vibrations of your beautiful tones. 

Lesson 3: Using the mixed voice we discover tones that can be healing. 

Lesson 4: Rediscovering how to speak like we sing, the true authentic voice can be used as a powerful force in our lives. 

Bonus Tracks: Advanced Exercises that increase strength and awareness in the Head Voice and the Chest Voice separately, then in our Mix!

Plus Study Guide and Songs

About Harmonies of Healing™

Mission Statement

Lauren Lane Powell is dedicated to reflecting how great it feels to Sing from our center, and why singing is for GOOD our bodies and minds. Passionate about singing for stress release, pain reduction, accelerated healing and creating inner and outer peace, she guides audiences and individuals to new ideas and old truths by awakening the authentic voice within each of us. As Harmonies of Healing, Lauren provides products and services for educators, bedside singers, spiritual leaders, and health practitioners. A focused facet of support is for fellow cAnswer dancers and their caretakers who choose SINGING as a way of coping. 

About Me

I fell in love with my parents'voices in the womb. Mom sang to me in utero. Dad had a radio show called "Larry Powell's House of Sound." It was very natural that I developed a passion for the human voice, especially singing! When my sister was born Mom and I sang her into the fold! Singing was as normal to us as breathing! I assumed all families sang around the piano all the time like we did. Boy was I wrong! Boy was I lucky! I knew as a child how good singing feels. I earned my degree in '93 and set out to teach the world to sing! For 12 and a half years I had traveled extensively, training people how to sing and speak using their authentic voice naturally, in workshops all across the country. As I learned more about the healing powers of the human voice, Sing For Your Soul evolved into Harmonies of Healing. In April of 2012 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After the initial “freak out” I remembered my own instructions. " "Breathe. Empty. Breathe deeper. Listen." In the quiet, I got the message that I have the opportunity to use every single Life Lesson I had ever learned to get through this. When I asked, “How? What do I do with this?" I heard, "Do it differently. Have fun with it. Use your music. Use your voice. Change the way disease looks and feels." So I did. The first thing that came to me was to change the word to “cAnswer”. The new spelling changes the way the word feels when it’s read. Doesn’t it!? Then instead of saying "I've been diagnosed with..." or "I have cAnswer." I announced to my friends and family with enthusiasm, “I get to heal from ovarian cAnswer!” Next I asked my surgical team to play CDs of my music including meditative, affirmative, inspirational songs. My family sang me through each of 5 different surgeries. Later, I listened to these powerful healing songs during every “chemo-dreamo” treatment because they created a peaceful frame of mind and contributed to my energy. I believe that because of these weekly meditations, I experienced very few side effects. I connected to my loving supportive community through Facebook which became a lifeline, and received many times over, all that I had given of myself, that being a lesson in itself. Those entries became a journal that became a book! "Holy Shift! Everything's a Gift" was released in June of 2017! I have found that Singing as a way of life, is liberating, enlightening and necessary for my ultimate growth, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Now I share this adventure with you! Enjoy the Ride! Lyrical Love and Laughter, Lauren 

Harmonies of Healing - Lauren Lane Powell
Lauren Lane Powell
Kissing Chemo


"I finally learned how to breathe properly, a procedure I had tried to learn several times without success. Now my voice sounds nicer; I have lots more air; I can sing very softly when I need to; My voice never gets tired, to name a few benefits. I am grateful for being able to sing this way. "

--Dorcas Trueman Threshold Choir 

"I thought I was speaking naturally, but realized I was not breathing deeply nor using the stomach muscles fully (never really knew to do that!) I realize that as soon as I felt any type of fear, anxiety, etc. my throat would tense, and thus my speaking voice (and singing voice too actually). So by making a point to practice speaking and singing with low deep breaths and engaging the stomach muscles I can see in addition to producing a harmonious sound, I am also keeping myself centered....thus the healing effect you speak of! Amazing!!"


"The lessons are almost like meditation. By focusing on the lessons my mind is there completely... Through moving the mind from daily turmoil to focusing on the lessons, getting the sound into the right space in the head, breathing the other disappears."


I practiced a few of your techniques in late Jan and early Feb. I'm sure that, in part, is why my singing to my bride got such good reviews on our wedding day! Thanks!  

--Kevin, Ky 

Your singing workshop has done me wonders... I can sing about 25 or 35 songs pretty well and always remember to breathe. I love it.

--Roy D. Fisher 

Download all 4 lessons AND the 3 bonus lessons as MP3 audio now.

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This is a home study designed to enhance your authentic vocal quality through easy, fun exercises. Breathing, speaking and singing like we were born to balances, relaxes and heals the body, mind and Spirit!  

If You Can Laugh, You Can SING!

 If You Can Sing, You Can HEAL.

Harmonies of Healing is a Practice Combining Sound, Song and Spirituality for Peace, Prosperity and Wellbeing.

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